Zoe Feinstein


Where are you from:

Scottsdale, Arizona



Biomedical Sciences


Dream job:


Favorite quarantine activity:

Reading/enjoying the amazing weather.

What you will miss most about Chabad at NAU:

All the people I have met, and friends I have made, and of course THE BABIES!! Each Friday I would look forward to Shabbat, as this was the one thing that brought me complete happiness each week. I love spending time with other students and getting in touch with my Jewish identity.


What are you looking forward to after graduation:

I am looking forward to not being as stressed out as I usually am!! I am going to take some time off to enjoy myself and do the things I would like to do before applying to medical schools in the Fall.

Advice for Jewish NAU Freshmen:

Do not be afraid to get involved with Chabad, even if you do not know anyone. Everyone is so nice and welcoming and they really become a second family. Also, make sure your professors know who you are!! That way you have a good chance of your grade being rounded if they know you really tried and gave it your all. 

Favorite class and least favorite class:

Favorite Class: Human Anatomy

Least Favorite Class: Any math class

Fun fact about you:

I took a semester off school to get my phlebotomy license, but I am still graduating on time!


If you had $10,000 to donate to Chabad, what would you like it to go towards?

I would want to donate it to the student fund, so that they can continue to attend events for free. Money is a struggle in college, and it was very nice not having to worry about paying and just being able to look forward to having a good time.


What do you want to say to the donors, Rabbis, Rebbetzins and to all those who support Chabad at NAU:

I am so extremely thankful for everyone who supports Chabad at NAU. I cannot even express how thankful I am; I truly cannot put it into words. I was suffering greatly the last two years of college, but Chabad saved me. Thank you to everyone who puts in so much work, we are all so grateful.


What makes you proud about being Jewish:

I am so proud to be Jewish because of what my ancestors have overcome in the past. It is a miracle that our people still exist today and I am so lucky to be a part of such a close-knit religion.