Kyra Wilson


Where are you from:

Glendale, Arizona



Sociology, Minor in Queer Studies


Dream job:

Working with an organization or company that directly helps people.

Favorite quarantine activity:

Playing Animal Crossing and watching movies.

What you will miss most about Chabad at NAU:

Eating amazing food with great friends and feeling connected to my Jewish community. I’ve brought so many friends, and sharing this experience with them is a wonderful experience.


What are you looking forward to after graduation:

Doing something other than learning. I have been a student for 18 years, and I’m ready to do something different.

Advice for Jewish NAU Freshmen:

Go to Shabbat! GO TO SHABBATON! It’s such a wonderful experience always!!!

Favorite class and least favorite class:

Favorite Class: SOC 360 Macrosociology

Least Favorite Class: MUS 122

Fun fact about you:

I have a very large cat named Poe!


If you had $10,000 to donate to Chabad, what would you like it to go towards?

I would want to put it toward an amazing Shabbat dinner celebration or use it to for a big holiday event.


What do you want to say to the donors, Rabbis, Rebbetzins and to all those who support Chabad at NAU:

This is the best organization I could have ever involved myself in, and I met so many wonderful people! It’s been such a great experience that I’ve been able to share with my community and family.


What makes you proud about being Jewish:

The community, the acceptance, and the overwhelming amount of love I have received is unparalleled. I have been able to learn so much about myself and the person I want to be through Judaism and it’s teachings.