Elena M. Giordano


Where are you from:

Flagstaff, Arizona



Criminology/Criminal Justice

Dream job:

Legal Victim Advocate

Favorite quarantine activity:

Reading Emily Dickinson’s published letters.

What you will miss most about Chabad at NAU:

Shabbat dinner gatherings – but I am most likely going to grad school, so you will likely have me around for a bit longer.


What are you looking forward to after graduation:

Getting my diploma and then the rest and relaxation for a few months before probably starting grad school in January.

Advice for Jewish NAU Freshmen:

Make Shabbat a priority. Find your groove with work/relaxation balance, so make time to enjoy things, but also make adequate time for maintaining a standard of excellence with your studies. You are so young. There is no rush to finish school in four years. Ignore the pressure to conform. Work at a comfortable pace.

Favorite class and least favorite class:

Favorite Class: Most of the social work and psychology classes

Least Favorite Class: Math classes

Fun fact about you:

I was born and raised in Arizona but have lived in five other states and have moved back to Arizona three times. I can’t seem to get away from this place!


If you had $10,000 to donate to Chabad, what would you like it to go towards?

Great question… I would say invest part in a full set of dinnerware so we can cut down on the waste, but that’s done now. Perhaps invest in reusable Kiddush cups for everyone, and pay for recycling pickup, especially glass. There is so much waste at our gatherings, which is not in line with Jewish values!


What do you want to say to the donors, Rabbis, Rebbetzins and to all those who support Chabad at NAU:

That your investment and dedication is not unnoticed or unappreciated by me. This is a great time to express my gratitude once more. Thank you all for the myriad ways you faithfully serve our student community.


What makes you proud about being Jewish:

I have always prided myself in being countercultural and antiestablishment. What better way to express those values than being proud to be Jewish? I am probably most proud of our heritage as a remarkably resilient people. Mathematically, the Jewish people should not have survived so many historical events that attempted to erase us into oblivion. Yet, here we are. How can one not be incredibly proud of such an achievement among many?